Playing catch up

I know I’ve promised a lot of pictures and I haven’t delivered. Well, today is the day!

First, an update. I spent three days crashed on the couch and then woke up today with energy! Not oodles of energy, but enough that I decided to tackle the wedding dress. I’ve already fit a muslin mock-up and let me say, you just haven’t lived till you’ve tried to pin fit a dress on yourself. Many puncture wounds later, I was ready to begin the lining! Here’s my progress:


Yep, it’s lined, underlined, and boned. And I cannibalized a bra so I won’t have to worry about fitting the top quite as much. I even basted in a zipper and, glory be, it fits!

So I cut out the rest of the pieces… piles of purple chiffon everywhere!

purple chiffon

The first picture is closer to the actual color (YMMV) and so far, I am pleased!

I started basting the chiffon and suddenly realized I was beat, so I quit for the day. But I am happy with the progress I have made! The wedding is four weeks from yesterday, so I feel like I’m in good shape!

So, to catch up…

This is the doily I made for a lace swap on Ravelry:

It’s called Amusement

I’m rather proud of it. It was my first big tatting project and I think it turned out terrific! It’s so much easier to do than it looks!

I also made her a case for her crochet hooks and added a bunch of tiny crochet hooks in all different sizes so she can make more doilies! She said yellow was her favorite color, so yellow is what I used!

And one last picture of a work in progress… this is the waffle stitch I was telling you about!

That’s it for now. Tomorrow we go get our marriage license! SQUEE!!!

Let’s go create something!


Busy, busy!

Wow! What a week it has been!

First off, I still feel good! Oh sure, I’m tired, but not dizzy or sick to my stomach, so I feel much better! I hope this lasts a long time.

I felt so good that we went travelling for the weekend, and while we were away, my sweetheart proposed! Now I haz a fiance! We camped and shopped and ate too much and generally enjoyed ourselves. And I did no crafting whatsoever!

But at home I have been busy! I’m work on a top secret project for a friend, so I can’t post pictures of it yet. But, be assured, when the job is done and the gift presented, I will be posting pics! More tatting and some sewing this time (two different projects) so stay tuned!

I also received a call today from a store that buys my bridal headpieces. She’s running low and has placed an order with me for more! Off to dig through my bridal box and see what needs finishing before I bring them to her. And the added income will be terrific since I now have a wedding to pay for! SQUEE!

Let’s go create something!!

…and the hits just keep on coming!

So, I have CFIDS, we’ve established that. Part of what that means is that my immune system is out of whack. Short story – I get a lot of opportunistic infections.

This week on Opportunistic Infections… Let’s spin the wheel and see what you’ve won!

(drum roll please while we spin the Wheel of Infection)

Ringworm AND conjunctivitis. That’s right, it’s Double Disease Week and I’ve won the prize!

Now, there is an upside to this – the Dr. says I’m horribly contagious and that I need to stay home. So I says, “You mean I can’t go to work?” and they says, “Oh, no! Not till Monday at least!” and I thinks, “gosh. what a shame. snark!”

So here I am at home, on the couch and bound to stay here for a while. Being a Chronic Creator, it’s not like I have nothing to do. There’s the half-finished baby blanket, the suit that needs tailoring, the three shirts I promised to make for Greg, the quilt I have partially cut out, the scarf I’m knitting for next winter (or maybe the winter after that)… the list is endless. But I have promised myself a weekend of making tatted snowflakes. I recently taught myself to needle tat. I didn’t really learn from scratch, as I had tatted with a shuttle years ago, so this was a new technique, not a whole new craft. At any rate, I find it easy, fast, and comforting (predictable patterns make me happy.) I started with tatting a bookmark, moved on to a piece of lace for a collar, and am now working on snowflakes for the Christmas tree. Take a look! There are free patterns all over the internet!

My first two are not spectacular. My tension is inconsistent and needs work. And I see I crossed the wrong way on one loop of the intertwined snowflake. But that’s OK! Once I starch them and block them, they’ll be fine.

interwoven snowflake

Never be afraid to try something new! You might hate it, you might find a new obsession! (yeah. cause I need another obsession.)

Let’s go create something!