I can hear the bells!

So on Monday we went and got our wedding license. SQUEE! I am getting so excited! The wedding is just over 3 weeks away! I better get that dress done, hadn’t I?

Anyway, while we were getting our license, we also had a friend of ours sworn in as Deputy for a Day so that she can perform the ceremony for us. They made her promise to uphold and defend the constitution. Hopefully, that won’t be necessary during our wedding!

While we were talking to her, I realized that she would need a clipboard or something to hold the written service during the ceremony. We talked about it some, and went out and bought a purple binder. Yes, it was purple and it matched the rest of the wedding, but vinyl covered in clear plastic looks so cheap! I just didn’t want that at the wedding. I looked at wedding guest books (have you seen the prices in the bridal aisle at your local craft store???) and I even looked at some pretty scrapbooks (ditto the prices).

So, being the Chronic Creator (I think I’ll take that as my superhero name) I headed to the fabric store. I found fabric that was perfect to cover our binder, on sale for $3 a yard, and I only needed half a yard! Such a bargain! I also found scrapbook paper and stickers at 40% – 50% off. So, $24.95 later and a little bit of sewing, I have a custom binder to hold, not only our service, but our engagement and wedding photos! I hope to have some of the engagement pictures in it before the wedding so that people can look at the album during the reception.

Remember covering your school books with a brown paper bag? Well, this is the same concept, only in fabric. Turn in all the edges and hem them, then wrap it around your binder and pin it to measure. After it’s all folded around the binder, I stitch the edges together and it slips right on. I’ve used the same technique to cover Bibles and other books in the past. Sometimes I use a layer of low loft batting behind the fabric, but this time I just used the fabric.

I decorated mine with a ribbon and a rhinestone buckle (4 buckles for $2.00, I kid you not!) but you can use lace, contrasting fabric, leave it plain, or even hot glue a small picture frame to the front. My personal philosophy is that a girl can’t have too much sparkle!

If you decide to give this a try and open your book flat to measure the fabric, make sure you leave a little extra fabric in the width as it will need some ease when you close your book.

Have fun! Let’s go create something!