In the making…

Sometimes, it seems there isn’t much progress. You look around and there are no new creations to show. Nothing complete. Everything in a shambles.

But wait! Over there is a partially finished amigurumi. All it needs are its legs and its face. And see that on the coffee table? That’s the bridal headpiece that was commissioned. You have two ribbon daisies done and three to go. That bag at your feet? It’s the baby gift for your niece who is due in November.

Wander into the sewing room… two shirts completely cut out – one for the wedding. Oh, and while you were cutting out last Saturday, you also cut out a blouse and a skirt and serged the edges of the blouse pieces. That should go together pretty quickly (except the button holes). Oh, and on the counter – there’s your wedding bouquet. All it needs are ribbons. And that box? That contains the favors for the wedding that you finished while watching TV.

No, I have nothing to show for the week. Nothing is finished. Everything is in shambles. But… progress was made!

Sometimes life is like that, too. Sometimes it’s hard to see any forward momentum. Especially with a chronic illness.

No, I’m not healthy. I’m not 100%, but I’m better than I was a month ago. I am making progress.

I know that I may slip back into feeling really lousy, that I may get sicker, but right now I’m a little bit better. Every bit of progress is good progress. And just because the project isn’t finished doesn’t mean we’re not creating beauty, health, joy.

Let’s go create something!