Playing catch up

I know I’ve promised a lot of pictures and I haven’t delivered. Well, today is the day!

First, an update. I spent three days crashed on the couch and then woke up today with energy! Not oodles of energy, but enough that I decided to tackle the wedding dress. I’ve already fit a muslin mock-up and let me say, you just haven’t lived till you’ve tried to pin fit a dress on yourself. Many puncture wounds later, I was ready to begin the lining! Here’s my progress:


Yep, it’s lined, underlined, and boned. And I cannibalized a bra so I won’t have to worry about fitting the top quite as much. I even basted in a zipper and, glory be, it fits!

So I cut out the rest of the pieces… piles of purple chiffon everywhere!

purple chiffon

The first picture is closer to the actual color (YMMV) and so far, I am pleased!

I started basting the chiffon and suddenly realized I was beat, so I quit for the day. But I am happy with the progress I have made! The wedding is four weeks from yesterday, so I feel like I’m in good shape!

So, to catch up…

This is the doily I made for a lace swap on Ravelry:

It’s called Amusement

I’m rather proud of it. It was my first big tatting project and I think it turned out terrific! It’s so much easier to do than it looks!

I also made her a case for her crochet hooks and added a bunch of tiny crochet hooks in all different sizes so she can make more doilies! She said yellow was her favorite color, so yellow is what I used!

And one last picture of a work in progress… this is the waffle stitch I was telling you about!

That’s it for now. Tomorrow we go get our marriage license! SQUEE!!!

Let’s go create something!