April showers…

… have left us with a beautiful front yard! We are being overwhelmed by freesia, azaleas, roses, lilac, camellias… I often bless the prior owner who put in so many lovely plants for us to enjoy! I, unfortunately, have a black thumb. It’s true. I can kill any plant if you give me enough time (usually a couple of weeks), but my Darling Husband is fantastic! He keeps our indoor and outdoor plants happy and healthy!

We had such a cold winter, we thought we had lost a lot of our outdoor plants. Many of our shrubs looked dead, but they have all fooled us! The geraniums turned brown and brittle and frozen. But now they are sending up new green shoots from the ground, so we are optimistic that even they will make it back.

Springtime has finally arrived! And I am so glad!

Springtime here means a couple of things (besides all the lovely flowers). It means that I only have a couple of months left in my chemo! YAY! And it means I switch my crafting to brighter colors, lighter projects, and that I take the time to clean out closets and drawers — to make room for even MORE fabric, yarn, and thread!

I’ve been using up scraps. Lots of little projects have been going — I made five chemo caps this month and took them to the hospital last week. I crocheted some fuzzy yarn around the straps of a new pair of flip-flops to make sandals that match my jeans. This week I have been working on getting the wedding photos into a scrap book. And, finally, with my birthday money, I bought a drop spindle and plan on trying to spin some silk yarn.

My blood work shows that my white counts are too low for chemo right now, so I’ve been given a couple of weeks off to try to get those numbers back up. Going without the meds means I have a bit more energy, so I have even been able to sit at the sewing machine for a while. I’m working on a new project bag for my knitting with fabric I found on our honeymoon.

Oh, and Greg reminded me that I need to hem up his new pants this week.

Sometimes, I really enjoy having a bunch of small projects that I can get instant gratification from when I finish them. Sometimes, I like longer projects that take several days/weeks/months to complete. I try to always have a couple of each kind in the works so that I can do whatever seems like fun at the moment.

Crafting is a joy to me. It should never be a “yadda.” You know – “Yadda wash the dishes.” “Yadda pay the bills.” Yadda, yadda, yadda… Crafting should be for fun. It’s like playing for grown-ups!

So treat yourself. Craft something you love. For someone you love. FOR YOURSELF!

Let’s go create something!


One of those weeks

I see it’s been a week since I’ve posted anything. In that week, my mother became very ill. All my free time has been spent hiring caregivers and running back and forth between my house and hers. And, of course, the stress has created a flare up of the CFIDS.

I have squeezed in a little time to put some pages together for our wedding book, but that’s about it! So no pictures for now… and not much to say. Hopefully things will settle down into some sort of normalcy soon and I’ll get moving on the wedding dress or baby blanket or something!

Let’s go create something (anything)!

Picking up the pieces…

It’s amazing. Nothing has really changed, but I feel so much better since I realized that my anger was really grief. Now that I can name it, I can tame it!

I’ve had a couple of good days – a little more energy than usual, so I’ve been catching up on my errands… car registration, the bank, groceries, etc. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for creating, but I always squeeze a few minutes out of the day. Nothing spectacular going on, but I did finish hemming my brother-in-law’s suit pants. That’s a “have-to” job done, making the way for the “want-to” projects. I am actually DONE with my “have-to’s” and it feels so good! What shall I work on next? My sweetheart’s shirts? My quilt? More tatting? The baby blanket? Oh, and I need to find a portable project for our trip up the coast next week.

I need a trip to my crafting room! Meet me there? You bring the cookies and I’ll make a pot of coffee.

Let’s go create something!!!