chron·ic: [kron-ik] adjective




1. constant; habitual; inveterate.

I have Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome.

I also have a fiber addiction.

Neither of these adequately describe who I am, but it’s a good starting point.  I do not want to write a blog about Chronic Fatigue (hereafter known as CFIDS). So many other people have done a much better job than I could. I also do not want to write a blog about sewing or knitting or tatting. Those have also been done. What I want to share with you is how one of my chronic issues (fabric and yarn) combines with my other issue (CFIDS) and how I balance the two. Perhaps you will find ideas that help and inspire you. Perhaps you will share a laugh with me… or a tear. Perhaps we are best friends… perhaps we will never meet.

“Life is short, pain is long, and we’re all here to help each other.” ~Stephen King

Let’s go create something.