Some days are not meant for success. Some days are meant for staying in bed and pulling the covers over your head.

Unfortunately, I got up.

So after a hard morning at the office, I came home to no TV and no hot water in the kitchen. After calling tech support the TV is finally working again. The hot water is going to take a bit more work (and probably more money).

BUT, the TV works and my partner (poor Greg) had to work tonight, so I settled in to watch TV and work on the pincushion.

First, I sewed it all together. Piece of cake. Then I turned it right side out. That doesn’t look right… Compare it to the instructions… oops.

Rip it all out. Start again. Sew it all together… this is looking right! Turn it right side out… it’s upside down. The fabric I planned for the top is on the bottom and vice-versa. Set it aside. Take a few deep breaths.

At this point, I did the only logical thing. I ate ice cream. With chocolate sauce.

OK, I’m calmer. Let’s try again. Upside down doesn’t seem so bad! Stuff and stitch up the gap. In fact, I like it upside down! I meant to do that. TRULY!

Anyway, it’s done. And for today, we’re going to call that “success.”

So here are the promised pics:

starfish pin cushion

starfish 2

I hope you all had a success-filled day!

Let’s go create something (even if it’s just good dreams…)