Crisis averted!

Yesterday was a day almost as important as the actual wedding day! It was the day I finished the dress and finally got to try it on! And guess what?!?!? It doesn’t fit. And not in an “oh, no one will notice” or a “you can make a quick adjustment” kind of way. Rather, in an “O.M.G. I cannot be seen in public in this dress and there’s no way to fix it” kind of way. One week till the wedding and nothing to wear. When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping. I immediately down-graded my expectations to a nice cotton sundress. I hit the fabric store and the thrift store and got nothing. I went to the quilt store. Nothing. In despair (and fighting an incipient panic attack) I went to Target, thinking it was the one place I hadn’t already looked. I know. A wedding dress at Target? But believe it or not, I found a purple sundress at Target that is very flattering and now the dress issue is finally resolved. I’m exhausted – emotionally, mentally, physically. But I will have a dress for the wedding.

The wedding is September 7, and we’ll be heading out for our honeymoon after that, so I’ll be absent a few weeks. But there will be pictures when I get back! In the meantime,

GO CREATE SOMETHING! (I’ll be creating memories)


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