Well, I think I overdid. I’m back to being fatigued, sore throat, upset stomach… But I had fun while the good times lasted! Maybe if I rest up this weekend, I will improve again.

In the meantime, it’s COUPON WEEK at the fabric store! We spent an hour getting fabric for two more shirts (one is for the wedding!), the ribbon for our table decor at the reception, and some fabric and lace for me to make pretty underthings for the wedding. For those who know Greg and me, it will come as no surprise to hear that everything is PURPLE! I’ll try to get pictures of the fabric posted soon so you can all see.

And here they are! This is the fabric Greg chose for his wedding shirt:

He also chose fabric for another shirt!


He’s got great taste!

I also finished the gift for a friend! Yep, it just needs blocking and it will be done. I’ll post pictures as soon as she receives it. I hope to send it on its way early next week.

I have a weekend of sewing planned! More gifts, some wedding veils on commission, and a slipcover for the footstool (the dog ate the last one).

Must remember… sew a little, rest a little, sew a little, rest a little…

Let’s go create something!


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