Picking up the pieces…

It’s amazing. Nothing has really changed, but I feel so much better since I realized that my anger was really grief. Now that I can name it, I can tame it!

I’ve had a couple of good days – a little more energy than usual, so I’ve been catching up on my errands… car registration, the bank, groceries, etc. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for creating, but I always squeeze a few minutes out of the day. Nothing spectacular going on, but I did finish hemming my brother-in-law’s suit pants. That’s a “have-to” job done, making the way for the “want-to” projects. I am actually DONE with my “have-to’s” and it feels so good! What shall I work on next? My sweetheart’s shirts? My quilt? More tatting? The baby blanket? Oh, and I need to find a portable project for our trip up the coast next week.

I need a trip to my crafting room! Meet me there? You bring the cookies and I’ll make a pot of coffee.

Let’s go create something!!!


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